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Goa besides its popularity as a tourist destination is famous for its mining industry that largely comprises of iron and manganese ore mines. Goa has earned the status of the largest exporter of iron ore in India. The Goan iron ore deposits have been a source of iron ore to the steel industry,  for different countries across Asia and Europe notably, Japan, China, Korea, etc.

The Goan iron ore is normally of iron content of 58%-63% and used as a blend with high-grade ore. The iron ore exports comprise of fines as well as lumps. Processing of the ore normally comprises of crushing to meet the requisite size specification and/or washing to remove the impurities as well as upgrade the iron content to the specific buyer requirement. Magnetic processing is also utilised to upgrade the iron ore.

The advantage of the Goan mining industry has been the network of rivers that connect the mines with the natural port that provides a cost effective and efficient mechanism to transport the ore besides the abundant reserve of iron ore deposits.

The recent demand for iron ore from China has seen a boom in this industry that has seen large inflow of investment in processing plants and handling facilities as well as new entrants. The major players in the Goan iron industry are Sesa Goa, Chowgules, Salgaocars, Dempos, Fomento and the Timblos.

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